Boundary Map

The proposed area to be covered by Shipley Town council includes the following wards:

  • Shipley ward polling district 22B Hirst Wood/Saltaire/Wycliffe vote at Saltaire Methodist Church.
  • Shipley ward polling district 22C south of Wycliffe/Crowgill Park/ Commercial St./Westgate/Dockfield Road.
  • Shipley ward polling district 22D Moorhead/Nab Wood east to Farfield Road.
  • Shipley ward polling district 22E Norman Rae playing fields, Norwood down to Kirkgate Station Road. South of the river Aire, east of the Bankfield hotel and river Aire; west of Bradford Beck, north of Northcliffe Woods.

The map below shows the proposed wards with other areas greyed out:

We have also created an interactive map of the proposed town council boundaries below or at the following link:

Town Council Map

For context as to why we are not currently including Windhill, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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