PRESS RELEASE: Shipley Town Council campaign ready to submit petition

Less than a year since we launched our petition in May 2018, the Campaign for a Shipley Town Council have collected signatures from over 950 Shipley residents, with strong support in all polling districts. This is more than the threshold required to legally trigger a formal assessment by Bradford District Council and we are ready to submit our request. We expect to submit in May as council officials have advised that they have no capacity to process our request until after the local district elections and maybe even the European elections.

On receipt of the petition, the 2007 Local Government Act gives Bradford Council a maximum of 12 months to formally assess our request ahead of a full vote by Councillors (the equivalent review for setting up Bingley Town Council took just two months).  Assuming that the Governance Review is successful, Shipley will be the 20th local council within the Bradford District.

The campaign has found strong support across Shipley and has benefited from local businesses, venues and community groups helping to spread the word and collect signatures.

The campaign group will now focus on working with local community groups to capture their priorities and to support potential candidates by providing access to training resources and advice.

Rob Martin, Campaign Chair said “it’s a major step to have got this far and we look forward to a future Town Council making a real difference in Shipley. With major opportunities such as the £1m “Healthy Streets initiative”, it’s vital that this happens as quickly as possible.”


Campaigners Jenna Spiers and James Roberts outside Shipley Town Hall with the petition

Supporting Quotations:

“A Town Council would be the co-ordinator needed to bring neighbourhoods together across Shipley and help to deliver some of the benefits HWRG has delivered in Hirst Wood to other parts of Shipley.”

Dame Pauline Bradley-Sharp B.E.M, Secretary, Hirst Wood Regeneration Group

We fully support a Town Council and have had a positive response from our followers. Shipley has a number of strong and active community groups which would benefit from the creation of a Town Council.”

Meryle Holland, Shipley Shopping (Facebook)

The creation of a funded Shipley Town Council, which will be run by passionate, local people, who care about the area and its future will have a significant voice and role to play within the community. This will hopefully make a significant difference and help to improve areas which needs revitalising” Stuart Illingworth, Shipley Town Partnership

The proposed Shipley Town Council… will help focus and garner support for building a stronger sense of place and community. It will be well placed provide a focus for local organising, consultation, coordination, addressing local planning issues, neighbourhood planning, financial support and raising the profile of local issues while empowering local people to tackle them. As a diverse community, a town council can also actively support efforts to improve cohesion while positively promoting our community’s rich diversity. As such we actively support the proposal for a Shipley Town Council.”

Paul Barrett, Development Manager on behalf of the Kirkgate Centre Trustees

In the era of savage cuts to local services from central government a Town Council is a good way of reinstating much needed services to areas like Shipley. This could be from reopening the public toilets, to provision of more youth, elderly or community activities. As a new Councillor my experience of working with Baildon Town Council where our borders overlap has been wholly positive. A Town Council has a very long list of activities it can take control of, utilising these powers would help bring local governance much closer to the people who live in Shipley.”

Councillor Vick Jenkins, Shipley Ward

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