Sign and Sing for Shipley

Sheila the Sheep born and shorn in Shipley

Sign and Sing for Shipley
To get a flavour of CSTC Puppeteers upcoming production “Sign and Sing for Shipley” Trebor Nitram spoke to Sheila, the star of the show to promote a Town Council for Shipley.

Hello Sheila: publicity I have seen says “TC for Shipley” sounds as though you are asking for a top cat.

Certainly not Trebor, we don’t want any more Top Cats in Shipley it could be called moggy metropolis as it is. TC stands for Town Council. We want to be the same as Bingley and Baildon and the other 17 Parish or Town Councils in the Bradford District.

I understand you are the hero and co writer of this production to promote a Town Council for Shipley, “Sign and Sing for Shipley”

Yes Trebor, or may I call you Treb? This is a joint effort, all of us are heroes and we have all contributed to this production. Baa

Could you tell me what the piece is about and who the other characters are.

As I said, Baa, It is about the campaign to get a Town Council for Shipley – gathering signatures so Bradford Council has to do a Governance Review.

Who else is involved?

There are lots of us involved in the campaign but “Sign and Sing for Shipley” tells the story of the start of the campaign. It started when we were fighting against the closing of the public toilets in Shipley.
At first it was just me and Foxy. Foxy used to live in a pub which became a road junction. Baa. No one knows why Foxy’s corner is called that now because now he lives with me in the market place and keeps hidden.

How did Foxy help?
Foxy got in touch with his cousin (by marriage) Nathaniel Gnasher who is in the Hooses of parliament.

Yes I have met Nat Gnasher, the Local National Government spokesperson, what did he have to say?

He said that the government had given all the country’s money to the banks and so they did not have enough money to give to Bradford Council so they could keep public toilets open.
And then something about a boat we are all in but we can’t keep afloat.

So, who else is in your show?

Alice Paca, who’s family is originally from Peru and have lived in Shipley for 165 years alongside Mo Hair, whose family is originally from Turkey.

Sounds great Sheila. All the best for the first performance at the Kirkgate Centre Alternative Market on 3rd November.

Thanks Treb, please come along and write the review. Baa

If you want to see “Sign and Sing for Shipley” the CSTC puppeteers will be at Kirkgate Centre Alternative Market on Saturday 3rd November with performances at 11am 12 &1pm.

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