Welcome to the website for the campaign for a Shipley Town Council

We are delighted that Bradford Council have now launched a formal consultation into creating a town council for the people of Shipley. This will run until 31st October. If this review supports our calls for a Town Council, Shipley could have one as soon as May 2020.

Please complete the online survey  to have your voice heard!

A Town Council can make real improvements to the local area, with a right to be consulted on major issues such as planning and powers to provide benefits including:

  • Public toilets
  • Christmas trees and lights
  • Street cleaning services
  • Public events
  • Grants to local organisations

Why do we need a Town Council?

The campaign steering group was formed in January 2018.  We are working to raise awareness that a Town Council could strengthen Shipley’s position within the British system of representative democracy.

Shipley is a distinctive and large township, but we need a voice to speak up for what matters to local people, and to say what can be done. A Shipley Town Council would be that voice.

Government cuts in funding to local authorities are bringing reduced provision for youth work, libraries, maintenance of parks and roads, and closure of amenities such as public toilets.

A town council that is close to the people will be in a great position to identify the issues that most concern Shipley folk, and to address them through constructive partnerships with Bradford Council, local businesses and the voluntary sector.

Town Councils raise money through a “precept” on the council tax.  Also in law, town councils can borrow to support local voluntary and community organisations.

Town councils have the right to be consulted on local planning applications – this means the Shipley view on proposed local developments must be heard.

Whether or not you are in favour of a Shipley Town Council, please take time to:

  • Read our manifesto and the “frequently asked questions” section.
  • Let us know your concerns and priorities for how you would like to improve Shipley.
  • Talk to friends and neighbours about how best to enhance our environment.
  • complete the online survey to have your voice heard in the formal Governance Review.

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