The Campaign for a Shipley Town Council is seeking support from residents and groups for a new local council for Shipley.

Shipley is a distinctive and large township – but does not have a single voice. A Shipley town council would be that voice, and much more.

A town council that is close to the people will be in a great position to identify the issues that most concern Shipley folk, and to address them – through constructive partnerships with Bradford Council, local businesses and the voluntary sector.

These issues are commonly mentioned. Are they the ones you would want your town council to prioritise?

  • the improvement of Shipley town centre
  • anti-social behaviour
  • the provision of public toilets.

In law, town councils can raise funds – and most use some of this money to support local voluntary and community organisations. In law, town councils must be consulted on local planning applications – and this means the Shipley view on proposed local developments must be heard.

Town councils are tried and tested. Across England there are already over 9,000 local councils representing around 15 million people. We have been inspired by our Bingley neighbours who have established their own council recently – and are already reaping the rewards. Baildon has had its own, successful council since 2007 and is a pleasure to visit.

Shipley needs its own town council!

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