• Tommy Lynch says:

    This is pointless! Why the Hell would we pay another 15 pounds on top of our council tax? I though the whole idea was to be independent of Bradford, and generate and levy our OWN council tax! Hopefully coming in cheaper! we have had a 5% rise this year already, and you say you are going to add another £15! – Seriously. No thanks then There is no incentive. I may as well stay with Bradford council, and stick two fingers up to you!

    • James Roberts says:

      Hi Tommy,
      Thank you for your comment. We are a non-political campaign group, completely separate from Philip Davies’s campaign to break away from Bradford Council. We are campaigning for a Town Council which is the most local level of government and can use money raised very efficiently in the local area. Unlike a district council, town councils have very limited overheads, do not pay an allowance to councillors and commonly include party independent councillors. The rise in this year’s council tax was partly due to the vast scale of cuts in central government block grants to councils. The increase in council tax will not cover the shortfall. Funds raised by a town council could help to mitigate some of the local impacts on Shipley, with the spending closely aligned to local priorities

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